2024 Easter Trip To Mauritius.

Tourism in the world has taken a rapid transformation over the years. As a result, celebration of festive seasons are fused into tourism offlate, yielding good results. This trip to Mauritius was of no exception. A Travel & Tours put together an unforgettable and memorable trip to the Mauritius. 

 The wonderful adventure in the city of Mauritius took place from 27th March – 2nd April 2024. It was a 7 day trip full of fun activities. There were special activities curated for all our tourists on board with inclusions such as Round Trip/Airport Transfers and a 4 Star hotel treat with breakfast. Such activities were Underwater sea walk,Parasailing & Tube Ride, Yatch Cruise,Waterfall sightseeing, Quad biking at Casela Nature Park, Boat Trip Activities and many more.

 A Travel & Tours is here to make travel & tourism accessible to everyone by providing our clients with excellent travel experiences and enable them to explore new cultures. Below are photos from the Easter In Mauritius Trip. Kindly check them out.

Article By: Kobby Loam.


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